The White Coat worn by a physician is a symbol of honesty, professionalism, knowledge and trust. These are the qualities we strive to exemplify in every aspect of our business.

White Coat Capital is a private investment company focused on building a portfolio of innovative companies and real estate. We are interested in fitness, medical, and select real estate ventures.


We believe that America and the industrialized world needs new technologies and solutions to help combat the obesity and inactivity epidemic. We are focusing on investing in companies that focus on emerging concepts within the personal training and fitness industry.


The health of a nation depends on a largely on its medical delivery system and treatment capabilities. In order to minimize complications and maximize the effectiveness of healthcare resources, new technology is always being invented and deployed. We are investing in several startup technologies and patents that we hope will improve patient care and outcomes.

Real Estate:

After the financial meltdown of 2008 and massive de-leveraging, we believe the U.S. real estate economy has bottomed and now is slowly recovering, bringing exciting commercial opportunities. We are focused in the Metro Atlanta market, focusing on smaller value-added opportunities.

If you are an accredited investor looking for unique opportunities:


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